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Encouraged by the technological success of the Geotechometer, the UK National Research Development Corporation encouraged the Doultons to continue their efforts by doubling the original amount of grant aid for a second project.  An area in which the Doultons had become interested was the global potential of paperless publishing.  Some months were spent in assessing the opportunity, but it was concluded that the required technology was not available yet, at any price, to support the concept.  The project was shelved until such a time appropriate technology would evolve.


In 1993 the Doultons determined that the time was right to pursue the potential once again.  Screen technology and cost had improved, as had memory technology and cost.  It appeared that the time was right.  However, before they could ready their product to enter the market the Rocket Book was introduced which made it appear that they had been scooped.  Once again, the project was placed on the shelf.


The Rocket Book has been a modest success.  The Doultons believe the lack of uptake by consumers who read for pleasure is dis-incentivized by how the E Book industry  is conceived and marketed. 


The Doultons recognized that there is a basic difference between the present E Book industry techno look and feel and XLIBRI as a item of intrisic beauty as well as function.  The differences manifest themselves in other key respects, from the overall system architecture, technical approach, screen type, power demands, end product delivery system, marketing rationale, cost structure and most importantly the potential market niche and how they might interact with the technology. 


A proof of concept demonstrating how  XLIBRI works is available  for review with interested parties on a confidential basis.


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