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The following is currently in pre-development by

D3V Entertainment Ventures Inc.



The following Isosceles Resorts project has five major components to be developed as part of an integrated master planned development.  Subject to market demand and the timely availability of capital, site development will take place in nominally five phases over a 54-month period.



Themed Timeshare Village – The Renaissance – 16th Century

This 1000-unit Themed Village is placed at the site entrance and will be marketed to the site’s in-ground customer base.  By pre-marketing a year prior to opening, it is not unreasonable to suggest that sales of all units would be completed within the first three years of operations.


Portolano Casino/Hotel - Celebrating the Age of Discovery

Also positioned at the entrance to the site and scheduled to open with the Themed Timeshare Village, Portolano’s 3,000 rooms, 300,000 square foot themed VIP apartments, 130,000 square foot casino, six retail streets, twelve restaurants and seven entertainment zones, and retail anchor the overall master plan.  This firmly establishes the Isosceles Resorts as a must see, world class destination.  It is synergistically themed to leverage the customer niche of the Themed Timeshare Village.  


Proprietary Entertainment Component

The entertainment is an L-shaped 875,000 square feet area occupied by 450,000 square feet of various entertainment attractions.  Constructed at ground level, the area serves to connect the two casino hotels anchoring its northern and southern extremes to one another.  Although obstensively Free, parking is located below each hotel parking plinth with public access gained through either hotel.  The area can be scheduled to open with either Portolano or Extravaganza as the availability of finance and/or as market conditions dictate.  Entry to the environment is without charge but each of the specific attractions therein requires a commitment of time and money.  Based upon a reasonable level of construction and finish for the entertainment area and its 450,000 square feet of build-out, each attraction carries it own operating costs and profit potential. 


Extravaganza Casino / Hotel - Celebrating the Age of Elegance

Extravaganza is positioned on the northern end of the site.  As with Portolano, Extravaganza is to be constructed upon a two level parking plinth with all services contained below.  Extravaganza’s location at the northern end of the site enables the sequential development of the project by phases to proceed without any single element negatively impacting upon any other.  Extravaganza has 3,200 rooms, 122,500 SF casino, ten restaurants, ten entertainment zones and 150,000 square feet of retail.


Extravaganza Tower - Corpshare Fractional 

The Tower is on the nodal point of the site overlooking Extravaganza’s icon statue.  Extravaganza Tower will be one of the Strip’s tallest structures.  It is conceived to serve those elite Chairmen, Presidents, CEOs and board members whose international companies increasingly view Las Vegas as a good place to conduct high level business and pay accord to special customers.  These corporate giants are able to afford the privilege of doing so within the elegance of an exquisitely decorated pre-war Parisian apartment of Avenue Foch.  Good taste rather than garish opulence sets the tone.  Premium concierge services are to be at the command of all Tower Fractional Apartment owners.  As with any building of this quality and style, a wide variety of services will exist to make the owner and their guests’ stay trouble free as well as memorable.

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