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A third party, who had obtained a licensing agreement in principle from NASCAR, approached Fluor Daniel's senior executives to underwrite the cost of developing a series of NASCAR themed Simulation Experiences which would tour the NASCAR race circuit.


Flour Daniel senior management felt that the project had image-building potential and   might be synergistic with some of its high-tech investments.


The Doultons were retained by Fluor Technology to address in detail, and assess in writing, six areas.  They had one calendar month to accomplish this task.  


They assessed:

  • Overall risk
  •  By employing Fluor Daniels’ internal financial model determine comparitive analysis to other investment opportunities.
  •  Economic viability of the Project
  • If there was a good ‘technical fit’ between Fluor Technology and state-of-the-art simulation attractions
  • Whether the project added value as a Fluor Daniels branded activity
  • Whether the project  justified the management time the activity would require


While the project appeared to have reasonable economic potential within the criteria set by the company, the attendant risks were substantial.  Without additional investment, the Fluor Technology was not a good fit.  The image potential could backfire if the simulation failed to deliver its promise.  Minimal potential to leverage one 'touring unit' with any others.


The Doultons’ recommendation was not to proceed, which was acted upon… and the project was aborted.


The table of contents below provides an outline as to the content and depth of the report.



Business Case Validation

Table of Contents


The Remit

The Methodology

The Project Overview

               The Future is Now Scenario

Intellectual Property


               NASCAR Factoids

               The Opportunity vis a vis FD

               The Opportunity vis a vis NASCAR

               Presenting the Opportunity to NASCAR

               Intellectual Property Risks/Benefits

The Sponsorship Opportunity


               Current Opportunity

               Sponsorship Risks/Benefits

The Show

               Show Software

               Show Hardware

               Show Software/Hardware Risks/Benefits

               Show Design

               Show Design Risks/Benefits

               Show Trailer Preliminary Space Allocation

               Show Competition – Digitization Industry Overview

               Current Competition Chart – Partial Listing

               Competitive Show Comparisons

               Show Competition Risks/Benefits

The Touring Show Industry/Opportunity/Risks

The Plant

               Plant Risks/Benefits

The Operations

               Operations Risks/Benefits

               Proposed Organizational Chart

The Financials

               Financial Assumptions


                              Cost of Sales

                              Cost of Goods

                              Selling and Administration

                              Capital Costs

               Financial Tables

Maximizing the Opportunity

               The Intellectual Property

               The Sponsorship Opportunity

               The Sponsoring Strategic Alliance Profile

               Preliminary Potential Sponsor Targets-Charts

Closing the Circle

The Way Forward



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