What People Say
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“… very impressed by their leadership, creativity, entrepreneurship and strategic perception for the (Dickens’ London) enterprise…”

Ambassador - OECD


“… people of great integrity, intelligence and sensitivity, yet at the same time, very practical individuals with their feet firmly on the ground, an attribute not often found in artistic people…”          

                                      Public Relations Advisor, Governments and Heads of State


“…  Romm is at his best in uncharted waters where he can establish a vision for a new, never-been-done-before venture and press on to its fulfillment in spite of adversity.  He is not a status quo person who is satisfied with doing ordinary things; he thrives on challenges and large thinking…”

Real Estate Developer and Financier


“… highly energetic enthusiastic, congenial personalities with master planning and marketing among their inherent traits…work well with people…a welcome asset to any organization…”                            Renown Oceanographer and Scientist


“… their tenacity and devotion to the project brought the development of an innovative product to a successful conclusion… strong, creative, reliable motivators and managers of people…”

CEO - Major Computer Company


“…upstanding individuals with a high sense of private and professional ethics and social values… successful international careers working on major tourist projects around the glove…”

Executive Vice President - Major Motion Picture Studio


“…lateral thinkers whose solutions are refreshingly different and practical…able corporate executives who possess a keen grasp of business functions…the godfather to my daughter…”

Senior Vice President - International Hotel Chain


“…not only develop new and forward-looking concepts, have the ability to articulate these concepts well to those at all levels, but especially to those who are in positions of decision-making… have an awareness that successful projects require a team of disciplines and are team players…get involved and become an integral part of the development process…talent to see the ‘big picture’…”

                                     Intertnational Leisure and Entertainment Authority


“…exceptional professionalism, vision and creativity…innate ability to listen to others, to be flexible in the process of development and work with a team…minds know no bounds, but have the maturity and knowledge to convert vision into actuality within practical financial parameters…”

Director General - Institute of Directors


“…presented proposals with combination of professional skills and tremendous sensitivity that I quickly became intrigued and persuaded the BBC to grand a license to develop his idea…understands the BBC’s needs in maintaining the integrity of a much-loved programme and addressed them in a highly-sympathetic manner…

Executive Producer and Programme Head


“…enjoyed many years of working together on programs and projects in the United States, Europe and the Middle East…our business relationship extended to a personal one as well…develop ideas into reality make them unique in the industry…projects have been large real estate developments, electronic products, hotels and resorts…”

Award Winning Graphics Designer


“…considerable imagination and professional capabilities…extremely focused individuals who accomplish an amazing amount of first-rate work within short timeframes…”

  Principal - Design-Build Group