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The ‘Nabilia’  

The world’s most expensive yacht

In 1977 Adnan Khashoggi’s motor yacht ‘Mohammadia’, named after his eldest son,  caught fire and sank due to the over zealous fire department  of the Port de Cannes. Khashoggi decided to replace the ‘Mohammadia’ with what was to become the most expensive yacht in the world, a 284-foot vessel which he named the ‘Nabilia” after his eldest daughter.


At $70 million 1978 dollars, the ‘Nabilia’ was the most opulent private yacht ever constructed at the time, surpassing the budgets of Greek shipping magnates Onassis and Niarchos.


During its construction in Italy, as President /CEO of The Ventures Group III, Triad’s creative group, Romm  was member of Khashoggi’s design critique team whose meetings typically took place in Spain at Prince Alfonso’s  Marbella Club.  It was a  tough assignment, but someone had to do it.   


The ‘Nabilia’, featured in James Bond’s “Never Say Never’ film, was ultimately sold to Donald Trump, who later sold it to the Sultan of Brunei, in which country it is now moored.  Projects

The Nabilia