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We have learned that being upfront and direct is the best way to begin and sustain successful relationships.  We work hands-on and undertake all assignments personally and we have directed teams of forty... and more... professionals on any one assignment.  Aspects of a contract which are performed by third parties are expressly noted in advance and we undertake one or two assignments concurrently, preferrably with staggered deadlines.


While staying small and managing our undertakings confine our ultimate earning capacity, producing a superior end result  is our uppermost consideration. 


We introduce specific skill sets beyond our immediate experience in order to fulfill a contract such as artist renderings, model making, financial pro-formas and economic projection generation, etc.  However, we are solely responsible for all conceptual ideas, design direction, master planning, written scenarios, market research and rationales, acquistion of strategic alliances, team-building, business plans, marketing materials (including brochures and  power point presentations).


We begin an assignment by obtaining independent  background  information on the project at hand.  We convert our client's brief into our own words at the proposal stage to ensure that we fully understand our client's expectations along the way and as an end product. We detail any and all deliverables via written description and dates due. 


We only accept assignments where we are confident we can meet or exceed our client's expectations.


We take direction well and are always open to realistic critique and revision. We do not hide bad news should it arrive.  And when there is good news, we are eager to share it.  


We work on an agreed due date/fixed cost basis, detailing all fees, expected outside and out-of-pocket expense, general  terms and conditions for employment (work for hire or other) and a  payment schedule against an agreed brief.  


We consider other methods but not speculative work.  As a two-person team we are not staffed to enter into such arrangements, no matter how meritorious the proposed project may be.


We have been told we are fun to work with, and we enjoy working alongside other professionals, & doing challenging work. 


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