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Romm Doulton, Principal
Elaine Doulton, Principal

D2 Holdings is a virtual company with no employees whose assets are vested in the personal services of Romm Doulton and Elaine Doulton plus the ownership and control of various intellectual properties created by the Doulton’s over their 35-year marriage and business partnership.

Each opportunity is treated as a freestanding project. Most frequently they initially invest their own resources to create and package a project, bringing it up to a fundable status or as sellable to a third party. They actively seek strategic alliances with value added partners wherever possible.

On a highly selective basis they are prepared to consider investing their talents where they share reasonable control with a third party, which also includes equity participation.   From time to time, when a project is of particular  interest and/or challene, they enter into ‘work for hire’ agreements with recognized entities where the brief/deliverables and time commitment are clearly delineated at the outset.

Although much of their work is confidential, the  project descriptions in this website provide a wide perspective as to the type of projects the Doultons have been the driving force. 

They are passionate about their work and having spent much of their business life abroad, they are at ease within almost any environment. They invite contact and are open to discuss opportunities wherever they may occur where their unique creative, organizational and packaging skill sets can be employed to mutual advantage.  

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