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The original Lighthouse of Pharos is one of the world’s Seven Wonders.  In exploring archives held by the City of Alexandria we discovered that the physical dimensions and physical location of the orginal lighthouse were surprisingly adaptable to the requirements of a modern–day, 600-room hotel, casino, conference center and marina.  The site nominated by Alexandria’s mayor was an eight-hectare (20 acres)finger site housing a hunting club  and  jutting out into the Mediterranean, which was accessed off of downtown Alexandria’s waterfront corniche. Recently archaeologist discovered that this site was within less than 250 meters from the orginal site.


Overlooking the harbor, the mastaba level of the lighthouse measured 600’ X 600’ (8.5 acres).  Built of local granite it came to an overall height of four stories.  Ample floor area and height existed within the structdure to accommodate a casino, restaurants, retail, and modest conference facilities.  The outdoor nightclub located at the +30 terrace level is easily accessed by the main hotel tower ground floor elevator.


The lighthouse itself totaled about 400’in overall height.  As a hotel the lower square portion could accommodate about 600 well-sized rooms.  The upper levels, six-sided tower could accommodate an additional 75 suites.  A fine dinning restaurant would be located at the junction of the square lower tower and that of the upper levels, six-sided tower with outdoor terraces with spectacular views of the city and harbor. The round portion held addtional suites with the lighthouse istelf containing a lounge and observation platform.


An observation deck, cum cocktail lounge, is located at the base of the upper round tower, containing the working of the lighthouse.

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