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(CIRCA 1987)





Albert Einstein’s Second Theory of Relativity explored the probability of mirror-like universes.  Stephen Hawkings' book on A Brief History of Time  further supported the theorem that travel to unknown worlds did not require light years measured in linear time  but rather a passing from one portal into the next, taking little more than an instant in earth time to accomplish.


With the imminent arrival of Euro-Disney on the outskirts of Paris, some within the upper echelons of the French government became concerned that the American culture might well collide with that of France.  Something had to be done.  Although they are Americans, the Doultons' had lived in Europe for many years and somehow they seemed less American than many of the other candidates.


The President of Ile De France (controlling the wider Paris region) challenged the Doultons to develop a theme more French than the Disney approach, but with the same potential for  unique entertainment.


The concept of Humankind’s first alien encounter occurring outside a 400 year old French farm house just outside Paris, through the visit of an errant space barge intrigued and captivated the French mentality.  The fact that the vessel was manned with all manner of entertainers plying the byways from a mirror universe, similar to the old Americana riverboats, only served to heighten their enthusiasm.  The idea that the Commodore had been ordered that the show must go on until some method of re-entry into their own locale within the space time continuum titillated the French sense of commercial expediency.  With a concept that the French mentality could endorse in hand, the Doultons were thus mandated to determine where they would like to have this encounter with alien beings to occur.


With a strong government endorsement and essentially the same incentives as had been given Disney, the major Paris banks (whose franc’s were to build Euro-Disney), were at the ready once that project had proved its success.  Little did anyone know that three years down wind Disney’s slow start would become a decisive factor.


Nevertheless, given the government’s willingness to place a property under imminent domain, if deemed to be for the good of the nation, no château, farm, valley or ancient wood was immune.  A sugar beet farm of 400 hectares with gently rolling hills and a 400 year old stone farmhouse, just 20 minutes from Euro-Disney, at a major exit of the new Rocade Nationale, and a mile from the first Paris TGV station was selected.


The site was located within the sleepy village of Melun Senart, populated by 1200 farmers with distinctly leftist politics.  While the project had strong Ile de France support obtaining local, regional and national support was left up to the Doultons.


Each level of government had to be convinced that the proposal warranted the effort required to change the French National Development Plan, something not easily accomplished.  Each entity had to be met in turn before going on to the next level.  The local community, twelve regional mayors, Association of New Towns, French Assembly, and French Senate. Last, but not least, was the Area Prefet, whose decision is final, and can override all of the others, with no chance for appeal.


The initial approval process took 18 months, and another 18 months to obtain a positive decision from the Area Prefet, whereby the French government officially granted Unit 6 of Le Vaisseau Fantom the exact land acquisition terms (Promis de Vent) granted Disney and a five-year window in which to act.  By then the Euro-Disney opening had been less than hoped for. The bankers who supported them (our intended investors),  had moved on to other pastures.  The ship’s Commodore had found a way to return his vessel  and crew  to its  own place with-in the Time Space Continuum and the Doultons… well they  were hard at work elsewhere creating other worlds.

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